Endangered Creatures

The three leading causes of Animals becoming endangered are


1- Habitat loss- 100 years ago there were 1.5Billion people now there are 7 Billion people in the world. Animals need homes for food and shelter just as people do. But as people continue to destroy natural habitats, for cities, roads, farm land, factories, ext… there are less places for the animals to go and less food sources. Some animals lose their homes and lives before they are even given a name


2- Pollution- Animals need clean air, food, and water. But human factories, power plants, traffic emissions, oil spills, pesticides, littering, ect… all pollute and poison these things hurting all animals (including humans) health. Resulting in death, abnormalities, lower birth rate, and climate change.

Additionally introduction of foreign species can also destroy and poison an area.

         -For example a plant that takes all the resources from other plants so this plant dies out and the animals lose a food source (ex Japan, America)

         -Or South American scientist experiment on frogs brought in from Africa. A frog got lose and released a foreign pathogen in the population, but they have no immunity against it. So large populations are dying off

        -Or in Hawaii, the birds used to nest on the grounds. But as people came they brought rats and mongoose which ate the eggs. Now these birds are endangered or extinct (like the Dodo of Madagascar)


3-Hunting – Rarely for survival but for Money, Cruelty, and Vanity.

-So people can wear their fur/skin (leopards/Pythons).

-Have ornaments and Jewelry ( More than 100,000elephants are killed a year),

-Hang their heads on their wall (gorillas/Deer).

-Or to pretend it’s a tradition (Whaling)

-Or overuse in folk medicine (Rhino/ Saiga horns, Tiger paw).

-Or to ware their scents (Musk Deer)

-Or even as pets (parrots, falcons, monkeys) But only about 1 out of 5 survive being captured in the wild to becoming a pet

-Or because we steal their land and food source and then kill them when they try to come back (Wolves/Bears)



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