Photos of Past Events

F.A.N.G.Keepers of the Wild/Grand Canyon- Spring Break

Keepers of the Wild An NPO dedicated to the protection of abused, neglected, abandoned and retired captive wildlife. To provide the best standard of care and help enforce the humane treatment of all animals. Our Volunteers were involved with Food Preparation, maintenance, working in the compound caring for the 150+ animals that reside there

Seed Cleaning and Plantings at Springs Preserve

The Preserve shows people how to live in the desert environment and how to take advantage of what is available The Springs Preserve includes colorful desert botanical gardens, museum galleries, outdoor concert and event venues, an indoor theater, historic photo gallery and a series of walking trails that meander through a wetland habitat.

 Our volunteers:

                               Seed Cleanings- Preparing seeds for germination.

                  Plantings- Preparing land for planting of saplings.

                  Educated on sustainability building, natural history, and horticulture. 

Earth Week Midori no Hi/ Greenery Day @ UNLV Hosted by FANG

The University of Nevada Las Vegas under the direction of our student organization hosted a series of environmental awareness and action events during the week of Earth Day, April 21-25.  These events will focus on education and awareness about environmental issues today, especially in the Las Vegas area. Earth Week 2008 was a partnership of several campus organizations and included forums, guest lectures, performances and service events to involve the Las Vegas community.  

The finale of this week was Midori no Hi, or Greenery Day, a festival combining Japanese and American holiday that promotes communion with nature and a healthy environment. This event included cultural performances throughout the day and an informational maze with booths focusing on green issues and promoting environmental programs in the Las Vegas area. We are developing interactive activities to get the students involved. We also wanted to reach the students on a more effective level concerning changes they can make in their daily lives.


Shiloh Horse Rescue

Shiloh rescues abused, unwanted, neglected, and slaughter bound horses of all types. 

They attend slaughter auctions and rescue horses from the killer buyers, bring the horses home to Shiloh Ranch, rehabilitate, and adopt them out to new homes. 

As of Feb 2012 They have rescued 581 horses

Our Volunteers were involved horse grooming, Food Preparation, maintenance, working in the compound caring for the many horses that reside there


Native American site cleanup @ Laughlin, Nevada with

 The Public Lands Institute is committed to developing effective solutions for public land management and stewardship that are essential for the protection, multiple use, sustainability, and management of public lands. The Institute works in collaboration with federal, state, and non-profit partners to create new knowledge, advance technology, improve education, and engage the community.  

-          We did several trash Cleanups of natural places that people irresponsibly or deliberately polluted with their trash.


Winter Hike at Mt. Charleston

Building a tortoise habitat for Tortoise Group at Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

They are a sanctuary for animals abonded or mistreated in the Las Vegas area, providing outdoors habitats. They are dedicated to the continued public awareness of responsible pet adoption so that their facility will experience zero growth in the future in accepting unwanted pets. Through onsite classes on animal wellness, presentations, and tours of the facility we hope to encourage the thoughtful adoption of pets who will remain with their original owners.


Under the direction of the local Tortoise Group we built a sustainable habitat for desert tortoises and aided in the building of a green house. Additionally providing support to the maintenance and cleanliness of the animals and the facility. 


The Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park - Las Vegas Zoo

 The zoo exhibits over 150 species of plants and animals (for more information click here). As the only zoo in Las Vegas and the only year-round zoo in Nevada. They are home to many rare and endangered species that they hope to educate people more about, so as to aid in the conservation of these magnificent creatures. 


Our Volunteers assisted in preparing food and feeding the animals. As well as promoting education and adoption.


Educational Field Trips

Site Stewardship

Volunteer for Kumamori in Japan

Mission Mongolia